Facility Tour

GA Telesis Facility Tour - exclusive GA Telesisto Aero-Engines Americas Attendees

As part of Aero-Engines Americas 2018, our host sponsor GA Telesis, will be opening the doors to their Fort Lauderdale facility.

Are you interested in seeing how one of the world’s leading aftermarket support companies handles the global spare parts needs of airlines?  Please join us for a tour of GA Telesis’ corporate headquarters and global distribution center in Fort Lauderdale.

The tour will follow the conclusion of the conference on Thursday, February 1, departing the conference venue at 2:15pm and returning from the facility at 4:30pm.

Facility Tour Registration

  •    Registration for the tour is completed as part of the conference registration – please note registration for the tour    is now closed. For any questions regarding the tour please contact Juliet Trew.
  •    All tour attendees must also provide a scanned copy of their passport in advance. Please send this to Juliet Trew